Tweaking, thinking, fiddling, then just starting…

This week I spent a full day with the paintings, punching up the colour and detailing of the underdrawings using oil (mostly alizarin crimson glazes) and thinking about where I want to go next with these works.

The next day, I spent some time trying to decide what kind of colour’s I wanted to add. I am still thinking about landscapes in relation to what what I want to say in these paintings. The burnt sienna colour that currently dominates these paintings will mostly disappear, but I want to use colour that will highlight the little bits of burnt sienna that will remain. I chose to start working with contrasting violets and blues in a hue lighter than the sienna and added some dark and light yellows (ochre, raw umber & lightened desaturated yellow cadmium) to my palette. I would see were it would take me.

Which a eventually took me here:

Lymphatic System








But I was feeling a little stuck and not sure where to go next. So it was time to call it a day and get some sleep. The only thing I really liked at this point was this area of the painting:




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