As an artist, I am drawn to inexplicable subject matter at times. Perhaps it is intuition that generates curiosity and compels me to sketch a particular tangled thicket, to photograph a curious reflection, to rearrange rocks to align patterns of lichen or to write about things I don’t understand. Sketching, photographing, sculpting and writing is an acknowledgement of perception and a process of observation, reflection, exploration and research for me. The mechanics of these activities warp both time and space into moments where the rational is sometimes abandoned and the freedom of instinct or intuition prevails. Dwelling in perception and exploration through various media, is a method of learning for me; it often leads to more questions rather than concrete answers. I am curious about what it means to translate my perception of the inexplicable into media like sketches, photographs, sculpture or the language of written words. What knowledges does it form?

It is possible that this blog is a reconciliation or acknowledgment of sorts. At this juncture it intends to wallow in the gap between modes of my own thinking; the difference between scientific/rational and artistic/intuitive thought.